Kimmie Candy CEO Joe Dutra in NNBW’s 2nd Annual Most Influential People Panel Discussion

book-of-lists-most-influential-pannel-discussion_Page_1 book-of-lists-most-influential-pannel-discussion_Page_2


Watch starting at minute 23:30 for the intro to Joe speaking:


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One View: Keeping Positive Relations with Mexico Makes Economic Sense

Kimmie Candy President and CEO Joe Dutra recently wrote an article in the Reno Gazette Journal that has also been featured in The Spanish English Newspaper : La Voz Hispana En Nevada:vozhispana Maintaining Positive Relations with México Makes  Good Economic Sense

  Reno Gazette Journal, September 23, 2016

By Joe Dutra,
President & CEO of Kimmie Candy


Whether you are for or against Donald’s Trump’s recent visit to Mexico, the trip speaks volumes about just how significant Mexico truly is to the U.S. both as a close neighbor, and as a key trading partner.

I intimately understand how important a robust relationship with Mexico is to the steadily growing number of Mexican Immigrants into Nevada, whether as legal immigrants or otherwise, coupled with the alignment of values held by the populaces of each of our countries, suggest it is vital that we strengthen our relationship with Mexico on all levels.

I sell approximately half a million pounds of chocolate into Mexico each year. This accounts for roughly 10 percent of my company’s annual sales; and is directly responsible for about four of the 36 people Kimmie Candy employs locally. Mexico was one of the first, and remains my company’s largest trading parent. This sales volume, created through exporting, allows me to contribute not only to the local community, but to the overall economy, as well.

While I am proud of  our ability to contribute, my small company is just a slice of a much larger pie. The close proximity of the state of Nevada to Mexico has bred extensive partnerships between the two entities, with bilateral trade, impressively, having accounted for $924 million in 2015! Mexico, in point of fact, ranks fourth as both Nevada’s largest export and supply market; with Mexican goods accounting for five percent of Nevada’s $476 million in imports during that same year. Just as importantly, are the jobs this trade generates within our state-as many as 55,000…and counting.

On a national level, Mexico ranks as the second largest, for U.S. goods, in the world. So, it is easy to see h ow bilateral trade benefits both of our countries! When Mexicans buy U.S.-produced goods and services, like mine, they help create jobs within the U.S.-economy. And in the long-term, as Mexico Continues to develop economically its demand for U.S. goods will mirror that growth.

Trade is not the only benefit that stems from maintaining close ties with our southern partner, as there is a large number of Mexican companies that actively invest in the U.S. These ventures also create jobs, thousands of them, within a wide range of sectors. Strong growing economies, on both of the border, backed by governments committed not only to healthy reform, but to a sincere, solid, mutually beneficial relationship, will insure this positive trend continues far into the future. It is obvious to me, that maintaining a good relationship with Mexico makes sound economic sense, on  both the state and national levels. Trade with Mexico is not only a  one-way street,. Both sides benefit with six million U.S. jobs dependent on Mexican trade. Our economies and businesses are intertwined. Growth within the Mexican economy matters for America, and vice-versa. Let’s see what we can do to support this growth, rather than shutting it down!

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Candy and Snack TODAY: Kimmie Candy Recognized For Export Efforts


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U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, Kimmie Candy CEO Joe Dutra and business partner Alvaro Tomas

U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker, Kimmie Candy CEO Joe Dutra and business partner Alvaro Tomas

Press Release – Kimmie Candy, Reno, Nevada

May 18, 2016

CONTACT:   Joe Dutra


Reno, Nevada – On Monday, May 16th, U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker presented Kimmie Candy with the President’s “E” Award for Exports at a ceremony in Washington, DC. The President’s “E” Award is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S. exports.
“Kimmie Candy Company has demonstrated a sustained commitment to export expansion.  The “E” Awards Committee was very impressed with Kimmie Candy’s growth in employment related to export sales.  The company’s modification of products for foreign markets was also particularly notable.  Kimmie Candy’s achievements have undoubtedly contributed to national export expansion efforts that support the U.S. economy and create American jobs.” said Secretary Pritzker in her congratulatory letter to the company announcing its selection as an award recipient.
Kimmie Candy specializes in producing an outstanding line of chocolate confections, including Sunbursts(r), and their prestigious, “Product of the Year” award-winning ChocoRocks(r).  And, most recently, with innovation and a sensitivity to consumer’s needs in mind, the company has branched out into all natural, certified organic, and nutritional chocolate products.  All of Kimmie’s products are gluten-free, peanut-free, kosher, and are 100% Made in the U.S.A.

“As a relatively small company in the often overlooked agricultural/food market segment, we are both thrilled and honored to receive the President’s “E” Award this year!  I have spent a lot of my career in overseas markets.  Because of this, I understand the importance of exporting, and the significant contribution overseas markets can have on a company’s bottom line.  I believe that as the world continues to “shrink”, and trade barriers crumble, U.S. exports will flourish as more and more companies wake up to the fact that 96% of their prospective, new customers are located outside the U.S.” said Joseph Dutra, Kimmie Candy’s President and CEO.

In 1961, President Kennedy signed an executive order reviving the World War II “E” symbol of excellence to honor and provide recognition to America’s exporters. On Monday, Secretary Pritzker honored 123 U.S. companies with the President’s “E” Award

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Kimmie Candy and Send Me Gluten Free’s BACK TO SCHOOL Box

send me gluten free pic 1Kimmie Candy will be included in SEND ME GLUTEN FREE’s upcoming “Back to School”  September box so it’s a great time to Subscribe and try it! They are offering a special discount code too!  If you enter SCHOOL25 at checkout, you get 25% off a 3, 6 or 12 mo subscription! To get this deal, order by Wed. 8/26. You can do so by going to



Send Me Gluten Free is a monthly subscription service that introduces you to new gluten free products. You’ll get full-size and sample size food, personal care items, supplements and household products that support your gluten free lifestyle.

send-me-gluten-free pic 2


Each month they send you 8-10 new gluten free products to try that will include at least 1 full-sized item. You’ll get full-size and sample size food, personal care items, supplements and household products that support your gluten free lifestyle. Note: Contents of each box may differ in any given month.send me gluten free pic 3


Their mission is to help the gluten free community by providing great resources and fun ways to try new products that are safe for you and your family. That mission is so important to them because they get it…most of their team lives gluten free. They know first-hand how difficult it can be to find the best products and they’re here to make all of that easier with their monthly subscription box.


While Send Me Gluten Free is shiny and new, they have been helping the gluten free community for a pretty long time. They’ve hosted the Gluten Free & Allergen Friendly Expos since 2007, helping thousands of people discover new gluten free products and learn how to make their lifestyle easier. In 2010, they launched the mobile app Find Me Gluten Free. It quickly became the #1 gluten free restaurant finder app, and has since added thousands of listings to help people just like you find safe places to eat locally and when traveling.

While they have seven cities on their expo tour, there are a lot of people in between that just can’t make it to one. They like to think of Send Me Gluten Free as an “expo in a box” for you to try new gluten free products right in your home. And while the Find Me Gluten Free app has been helping people find places to eat, and smartphones seem to be able to do just about anything, the technology just isn’t there yet to try out new products on your phone. So until that day comes, Send Me Gluten Free will have to do!



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What’s New @ Kimmie Candy Company Spring 2015 Edition

1) “Introducing… Joma Organics!”
Joma logo

Joma Organics is our new, certified organic confectionery manufacturing facility located in Reno on Double Diamond Parkway. We resolved to move forward with this new organic facility after looking at the clear trend that showed the future is full of consumers wanting more variety and excellence in their choices in the organic and natural product market. This market has been distinguishing itself by growing faster than the traditional confectionery market and we believe it will be a substantial market in the future.

organic-joma-jewels_grandeCoinciding with the launch of this facility, we are launching our Organic Dark and Milk Chocolate Joma Jewels. These are an organic version of a lentil, known better to consumers as a product similar to an M&M. While we are super excited about their great taste, we are also taking a cue from our Kimmie Candy customers’ favorites to make an Organic Milk Chocolate ChocoRock, as well as, an Xpressos Rock.

As we look to what’s next, we envision a time when we will outgrow this new organic manufacturing facility. At that point, Kimmie Candy Company would potentially move into a larger facility and Joma would move into the existing Kimmie Candy factory.

For now, it’s a very exciting time. The launch of the new Joma products means new packaging; and of course, we like to keep things interesting, so we have several new products in development for this organic facility that will be launched in the months to come.

organic-joma-rocks_1_grande         organic-coffeerocks_1_grande


2) “And the 2015 Nominees are..”

sc chocorocks

Salted Caramel ChocoRocks and Peppermint ChocoRocks
Our 2 Nominees for Innovative Product of the Year


3) “Food Factory in the house!”


Canadian Food Network show Food Factory filmed a second episode at Kimmie Candy Company recently. While the first episode had focused on how ChocoRocks are created, Food Factory returned to film a segment focusing their attention on our candy coated chocolatey sunflower kernel product called Sunbursts. We have just reviewed the initial cut of the episode and returned our input for a few small edits. Most likely this episode will air during the summertime of 2015 and periodically throughout the end of this year and 2016. We have a great time with the whole process and enjoy showing the world how the most beloved Kimmie Candy Company products are made!


4)” Anything else on the horizon at Kimmie?”

Whats_newIn addition to a variety of new, delicious products in the works, there are fun mixes of existing Kimmie favorites that we have been playing around with. We are looking at adding an additional storage building to our facility to increase our packaging capacity.

We are now in Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Hobby Lobby, Ross, and will soon be in Cracker Barrel restaurants across United States! We have exported our first shipment of candy to Dubai and are also in the formative stages of great projects in the UK and South America.

And finally, a reminder..

5) “We love what we do!”

We do love what we do, as well as, our customers and our peers in the candy industry! This coming week we are headed to SWEETS AND SNACKS EXPO 2015 where we will see many of them!

sweeta and snacks expoThis expo is the candy & snacks industry’s most successful, world class event and the only show that represents all of the major U.S. distribution channels of confectionery and snack products in one location. More than 3 1/2 acres of candy & snack items in 1 place! More than 650 manufacturers of chocolate, candy, gum, salty snacks, cookies, packaged cakes, biscuits, popcorn, granola bars, breakfast snacks, nutrition bars, meat snacks, fruit snacks, nuts, seeds, packaged goods and ice cream. Attendees include more than 16,000 industry professionals including buyers and buying teams, merchandisers, wholesalers, category managers, store owners and executives, importers, exporters, suppliers and brokers.

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Kimmie Candy Company through the eyes of Lindsey Cortes (a research paper)

Kimmie Candy Company
Lindsey Cortes
Professor Lawrence Tam

I decided to do my research/logistics paper and presentation on Kimmie Candy Company, a local candy factory in Reno, NV. Being a Reno native myself, it really hits home for me. I’ve seen their candy everywhere, but never imagined it was being made here in my back yard. I had the privilege of working with Kimmie Candy last year on a fundraiser for Reno/Sparks Relay for Life. I was also given a tour of their facility and saw how all their creations were made. In their gift shop, they have a taste bar of samples of everything they make to taste and sample before customers can make their purchase.

Established in 2000, Kimmie Candy Company was started by Joe Dutra on his family farm in Sacramento, CA. The farm was part of an international agriculture seed business and has stayed a family affair even since. Though manufacturing was moved offshore to Korea; as the business began to grow, the search was on for a USA manufacturing location (Kimmie Candy, 2014).
In 2004, they decided it was time to bring Kimmie Candy back to the United States and create American jobs. The Dutra family chose Reno, Nevada because of its business-friendly climate and close proximity to California, their home state. Kimmie Candy Company bought a building in 2006 and built the factory in 2007. It had its first full year of production in 2008 and has been growing exponentially ever since (Kimmie Candy, 2014).
Today, Kimmie Candy proudly states, “Made in America” on every package. Since opening the Reno factory in 2007, the Company has grown from 7 to 25 employees. Even during 2010’s challenging economic times, Kimmie Candy still grew by 40 percent; Dutra remains determined to continue creating jobs and opportunity in the USA so that like him, others can also know The American Dream (Kimmie Candy, 2014).

Facility Warehouse Location
With the goal of creating more American jobs in 2004, Dutra relocated himself and the previously-offshore Korean manufacturing operation of Kimmie Candy to Reno, Nevada. By 2007, he had purchased an industrial building and converted it to what is now Kimmie Candy’s state-of-the art candy production facility. By 2008, Kimmie Candy Company of Reno was in full operation. By 2009, the company had experienced global expansion with not only coast-to-coast sales in the United States but also Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, and the Middle East (Kimmie Candy, 2014).

Kimmie Candy uses local suppliers for their materials. One of their biggest raw materials is chocolate that is specially made which they go through 40,000 pounds every 7-10 days. Lead time for their chocolate is 4-6 weeks, for organic chocolate, lead time is 8-12 weeks due to the fact it can take up to 100 days to produce. Kimmie uses many unique and various suppliers for their raw material. One particular supplier, Blommer Chocolates, has readily available sometimes double supply depending on Kimmie’s needs and demand.
Sugar is another raw material which is purchased in large quantities, 8,000 pounds at a time. Other raw materials contain almonds, pistachios, reactor coating, and ingredients for natural coloring. All shipped raw materials are passed through quality control to review specifications. To Kimmie Candy, supplier loyalty is very important to than price especially when there’s a relationship established.
When they’re in need of new suppliers, they use the 80/20 rule, which is finding the products or services that generate the most income (the 20%) and drop the rest (the 80%) that only provide marginal benefit (W.C. Benton, 2014)
An estimate of how much material they will need over two months will help with how much material to reordering, which is processed electronically. Kimmie Candy Company is making moves to be greener and have less of an impact on the environment.

Demand Management
Kimmie Candy’s retailers include; Winco foods, Cost plus, It’s Sugar, Sweet Factory, J. Sosnick & Son, Inc., Raley’s, Ross Stores, Five Below and Bulk Barn. Their online retailers include;, Candy Warehouse,,, Candy Crate, Nationwide Candy, Bulk Candy Store, and Candy Nation. Their distributors include; Nassau Candy, Albanese Candy, Redstone Foods, Garvey Nut & Candy, Dutch Valley Foods, TR Toppers, Lipari Foods, and b.a. Sweetie (Kimmie Candy, 2014).
Kimmie Candy’s newest products include chocolate covered dates and espresso beans. The seasonality of their products is their natural coloring. As a premier confectionary panner, they offer solo colors for every special event or occasion. Kimmie Candy makes seasonal and holiday mixes and custom colors are available thru contact production (Kimmie Candy, 2014).

Order Management
Customers can purchase and sample Kimmie Candy Monday – Friday, 8am-5pm at their gift shop in Reno. Also available to purchase at any of the retailers, online, and distributors listed above using any monetary means. There are operation cost to the company for these types of orders which are; credit card processing fees, administration, labor, paper, postage and packaging. Their priority orders can be requested by phone, email, online or in person.
The quality control team inspects every batch of candy to ensure it’s to the standards of the company before packaging.

Customer Service
Today there are about 35 team members working at Kimmie Candy, they all work together to monitor customer service management. The company is open to feedback using Facebook, Twitter, Factory, their online site, email, by phone or in person. Their blog is on their site to share updates and news that’s happening within the company.
They also offer free factory tours which gives their customers or anyone would wants to see how their delicious candy is made. Contact or 1-888-532-1325 to schedule or make a reservation.

Inventory Management
When more supplies are needed, depending on the material’s inventory or demand a purchase order is produced in the accounting department and electronically sent to the supplier if it’s not already set up to automatically be delivered. All dead or defected inventories are sold at a discounted price, not destroyed unless expired.

Warehouse Management
The Kimmie Candy facility in Reno is 20,000 square feet although the actual manufacturing warehouse is 6,000 square feet. Because of the size of the warehouse and limited space they also have a third party logistics storing warehouse where extra inventory is stored. The rental fee is $5.00 per pallet per month, as well as the loading fee.

Packages and Handling
Large shipments are packaged and delivered in bulk. Naturally, the only special consideration the candy needs is low temperature, high heat would melt the chocolate in their packaging. Something special about their packaging it does say ‘Made in America, peanut and gluten free.”

Kimmie Candy arranges transportation pick up for their supplies. For large distributors, needing large pallets of product, these companies arrange for pick up. Truck is the main transportation. For international orders, the products are delivered by plane.

McCrea, B. (2013) Supply Chain and Logistics Technology: LMS optimizes the human supply chain

Benton, Jr., W.C. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management, Third
Edition, 2014

Kimmie Candy Company. Makers of chocolate rocks, chocolate sunflower seeds, and more.. (n.d.). Kimmie Candy Company. Makers of chocolatey rocks, chocolatey sunflower seeds, and more.. Retrieved June 12, 2014, from

Dutra, Joe. Phone Interview. 11 June 2014

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2014, Reno,NV Pops on the River

Joe Dutra along with friends and family celebrated with the Reno Philharmonic’s celebration of Bravo Broadway as they commemorated 20 years of Pops. It was a day of good music, laughs, talking with old and new friends, great food, wine, themes, costumes, prizes and plenty of fun in Downtown Reno’s Wingfield Park. Each table was uniquely decorated and of course representing Reno, NV. In a very sweet way Kimmie Candy Company made their own sign that read The Biggest Little Candy Company in the World to look identical to the Reno arch downtown. There was a river of chocolate that flowed through the middle of the table to represent the Truckee River and the whole table dressed up as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, including Mr. Joe Dutra as Willy Wonka of course. With great costumes and a beautifully creative table Kimmie Candy Company was presented with the Spirit of Reno award. All in all it was a wonderful day and everyone is excited for next year.

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Travel Adventures with Joe: Gov. Sandoval Canadian Trade Mission Edition

Canada Trade Mission

Kimmie Candy CEO Joe Dutra was honored to be part of the delegation accompanying Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval on his first Canada trade mission.   It was a historic event in that it was the first trade mission from a Nevada Governor to Canada ever!


Sandoval leads trade mission to Canada

April 17, 2014

CARSON CITY, Nev. (AP) – Gov. Brian Sandoval is heading a delegation of Nevada business and education leaders on a trade mission to Canada.

Meetings with Canadian officials are scheduled this week in Ottawa and Toronto. Sandoval’s office says one focus of the trade mission will be unmanned aerial systems and Nevada’s role in helping to develop the technology and applications for the emerging industry.

Other sectors the state will highlight include water technology, indoor agriculture and mining.

Canada is Nevada’s third largest trade partner and the governor says the Nevada delegation is hoping to build upon that relationship.


There were approximately 10 business men and women from Nevada represented on the trade mission; as well as approximately 25 governmental, university and business development staff with the Governor as such as the Head Deans of various schools at UNR and UNLV who were developing programs with Canadian universities.

Joe first flew to Montréal on April 14th and stayed two nights at the first Ritz-Carlton in the world. It was a wonderful hotel and yet not very expensive for their delegation.  This was just one benefit of traveling with the Governor.  

The weather was very cold – snowing  and sleeting as he had several meetings in Montréal with gift buyers and nut companies.  

The delegation then flew to Toronto, Canada on the 16th and had a number of meetings with dignitaries from the Canadian government.

Joe also met with the founder of Barrick Gold in Canada, Mr. Peter Munk. He presented him with ChocoRocks and our new Salted Caramel ChocoRocks as a gift from  the state of  Nevada.

One of their speakers was the 18th Prime Minister of Canada, Brian Mulroney.  He was Prime Minister during the Reagan administration. Joe says he was one of the most eloquent speakers he has ever had the pleasure of listening to.

Joe also had the pleasure of being interviewed by a Portuguese journalist covering the Trade Mission:

(We included a rough translation of the article first & original article in Portuguese next just for kicks!)


Toronto Canada 27 April Lusa

An entrepreneur and a Portuguese Descendent from Nevada in the United States of America, he was nominated for the highest prize of the Candy Industry in that country.  Joseph Dutra, 61 years old, is the Owner and CEO of Kimmie Candy Company and is nominated for the Kettle Awards- in what is the greatest recognition within the industry of sweets in United States. The ceremony will take place on May 20 in Chicago, at The Union League Club of Chicago. 

“This year I was nominated for the Kettle Awards, one of the biggest honors you can have in the production of the candy industry. On May 20 in Chicago I will know if I will win or not at the Sweet and Snacks Expo “, said the businessman to the agency Lusa. 

The third generation Luso (Portuguese) descendent was in Toronto, Canada, as part of the entourage of the Governor of Nevada, Brian Sandoval, in a business mission as a commercial representative of that province. Canada is Nevada’s third largest trading partner.  Joseph Dutra, explained that his grandfather has origins in Faial (Azores), having emigrated to Sacramento, Calif., with only 18 years of age.

 At an early stage, the candies were produced in a factory in South Korea, which was later acquired and brought to the United States in 2008, to Reno, where the candy factory is located.  It provides markets for nine countries. 

In 2003, Kimmie Candy via its reference product “Choco Rocks” won the award “Product of the Year” in Candy Awards which took place in Long Beach, California. 

According to Joseph Dutra, next year Kimmie Candy should be on the European market, in particular “in Portugal”.  But to do that, it will be necessary to adapt the products to European Union standards “by changing a few ingredients”. 

“I’m Portuguese, grew up with good food, and created the candy to have a great taste, and to look beautiful like Portuguese women,” he praised.


Lusodescendente nomeado para prémio na indústria de doces nos Estados Unidos

Toronto, Canadá, 27 abril (Lusa) – Um empresário lusodescendente do Nevada, nos Estados Unidos da América, está nomeado para o Prémio da Indústria de Doces daquele país.

Joseph Dutra, de 61 anos de idade, é o proprietário e presidente executivo da Kimmie Candy Company, e está nomeado para os Kettle Awards, naquele que é o maior reconhecimento dentro da indústria dos doces nos Estados Unidos. A cerimónia terá lugar no próximo dia 20 de maio, em Chicago, no “The Union League Club of Chicago.

“Este ano fui nomeado para os Kettle Awars, é uma das maiores honras que se pode ter na produção do ramo da indústria dos doces. No dia 20 de maio em Chicago saber-se-á se vencerei ou não na Expo Sweet and Snaks”, disse o empresário à agência Lusa.

O lusodescendente de terceira geração esteve em Toronto, no Canadá, integrando a comitiva do Governador do Nevada Brian Sandoval, numa missão empresarial e comercial que representantes daquela província efetuaram ao seu terceiro maior parceiro comercial.

Joseph Dutra, explicou que seu avô tem origens no Faial (Açores), tendo emigrado para Sacramento, na Califórnia, com apenas 18 anos de idade.

Numa fase inicial, os doces eram produzidos numa fábrica na Coreia do Sul, que mais tarde foi adquirida e trazida para os Estados Unidos em 2008, para Reno, onde está localizada a fábrica de doces, que fornece mercados de nove países.

Em 2003, a Kimmie Candy através do seu produto de referência “Choco Rocks” conquistou o prémio “Produto do Ano” nos Galardões dos Doces que tiveram lugar em Long Beach, Califórnia.

Segundo Joseph Dutra, no próximo ano devem estar no mercado europeu, nomeadamente “em Portugal”. Mas para isso, será necessário adaptar os produtos às normas da União Europeia “alterando alguns ingredientes”.

“Sou português, cresci com boa comida portuguesa, e desenhei os doces para terem um bom sabor, para serem bonitos como as mulheres portuguesas”, enalteceu, salientado também que futuramente está a pensar em “adquirir o passaporte português”.

O Nevada, com cerca de 2,7 milhões de habitantes, é um dos cinquenta estados dos EUA e está localizado nas Montanha Rochosas. Calcula-se que residam cerca de 30 mil portugueses e lusodescendentes naquela região.



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In Honor of Earth Day 2014 :


Our MISSION at Kimmie Candy Company is to be on the road to sustainability by making purposeful choices that lessen our Environmental and Ecological footprint:


We reduced cardboard usage by 25% by switching to a new, more eco-friendly box.


We retro-fitted the factory with energy-efficient lighting reducing our energy usage by 13%. 


We’ve installed waterless urinals which reduces our water usage an average of 36,000 gallons of water per year.


We recycle 100% of our discarded cardboard.


We are committed to continuously increasing amount of materials we buy locally to manufacture our Kimmie Candy product line.


We avoid emissions created when packaging individual items by getting our manufacturing materials delivered in bulk.


At Kimmie Candy Company, we know that the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. We will continue to take these steps knowing that with little changes come big impact.

We look forward to growing in sustainability as we grow as a company.   The possibilities are endless!  

 sustain earth



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